RTVC & Cafe


The RTVC is proud to have Nyam Dis as our food and drink supplier at the River Centre.

It is simply the best setting in London to enjoy socialising, with friends family or business colleagues. It has a uniques atmosphere being both one on the few places the general public has access to the river and it has a very special feel within its relax location. And by the way, we choose Nyam Dis because they are the ultimate in the Bruch and Carribean food.

The RTVC has full planning permission for food & drink to be served to its visitors at the RTVC.

This cafe faciltity is described as ancillary as it supports the primary exhibition & information function. Government Inspector R.O. Evans stated in May 2012 that "the River Thames Visitor Centre is a use which is intended for the benefit of the general public". Food & drink is only served, so is it remains a secondary use. 

Within the ethos of the RTVC, food & drink is ethically sourced and demonstrates the benefits of healthy eating, with any funds raised being used to preserve and enhance this National Historic Ship and pay the expenses for running the RTVC.

Much thought and care was taken during the original discussions about the location of the RTVC with Richmond Council and it was agreed in 2001 that a catering use was appropriate for the RTVC within MOL.

The Council states; "The siting and use of the RTVC has received careful consideration so that the navigation, hydrology, biodiversity and the character of the waterway in Richmond has not been compromised. The Council has granted planning consent for the RTVC as the uses are appropriate within MOL", (Officer's report 05/3453).