What a 2019 to come!! From mid-March we will been cleaning and getting all shipshape and Bristol fashion.

We are looking forward to 2019 to complete:

  1. All the functions on the events page
  2. Signing up even more members
  3. Completing conservation work to the National Historic Ship
  4. Planning activities and new projects in 2019

The RTVC has been in place since 2001 and exists for the public to enjoy the Thames. We are all looking forward to doing our essential environmental work for many years to come, so we need your help by joining the RTVC. 


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The Curator is a qualified Environmental Scientist who believes that the connection with where we live, is what make us who we are and what we do within those surroundings defines how we live.

Having grown up on the Somerset Levels with the Severn Estuary to the West and Lowland Peat Moors and Glastonbury to the East, the Thames represented a wonderful piece of nature that could be enjoyed when he moved to London in 1988.

The RTVC represents the opportunity to celebrate the Sea in the City, to enjoy the outdoors and learn more about the natural world.

In the past he has administered the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, qualifying to Scientific Officer Grade, been a biological site surveyor supervisor for the Somerset Trust for Nature Conservation, has represented community groups against large corperations and helped shape the London Plan as a London Waterways Commissioner. Currently he researches resource management and human performance.