The Environment - The aspects behind the links

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River Thames P.E.N.S

Physical - Ecology,  - Navigation,  - Sustainable


Physical World  - Climate, Topology, Landforms, Geology

Energy & Life    -  Incoming solar radiation, Kinetic energy, Ecology, Habitat, Flora & fauna

Soil & Water     -  Structure, Organisms, Water supply, QualityPollutants

Human Aspects  - Needs and wants, Technical ability, Wisdom and morality. Resources,

                            Constraints, Hazards. Environmental Impact

History              -   Hunter gatherer, Agricultural, Pre, Advanced, Post-industrial

Modern Trends   -   Settlement, Transport and Navigation, Architecture, Land-use, Flooding

Resources        -   Built, Mineral, Agriculture, Recreation, Leisure, Conservation

                           River use conflict, Infrastructure, Sustainable development

Administration   -  Individuals, Organizations, Government (legal, financial) and Management