The aim of the exhibition is to further the knowledge and understanding of the world around us, the natural world, economics and the social and cultural setting in which we live. To understand the environment, you must first understand that the environment is everything outside the human body, this obviously comprises a huge range of factors and variables (go to the links page to find out more).

The exhibitions hope to reflect the richness of the circumstances in which we live, this week we are featuring:

Schedule for 2023

The main exhibitionis and will always be the vessel itself. There are 370,000 Grade 1 listed building within the UK, but only 1,200 National Historic ships and we are proud to be one of them.

This is a significant heritge contribution recognised not just for Richmond Borough, but for the whole of London. As well as the vessel itself, there is plenty to see, with a full programme of events, (go to the events page).

And as well as all that we have our resident exhibitions.This season we have:


The RTVC past and Present

Twickenham Riverside - What next?

Environmentalism - The Facts behind the Fiction



Soils & Agriculture

Man's relationship to Nature

The Institute of Life