River Thames Visitor Centre - RTVC (Committee)

The RTVC committee formed to raise money for the RTVC to be saved for the benefit of the public. It has a associate membership and develop projects to ensure the sustainablity of the national historic ship and its environmental work.

The objects of the RTVC committee are:

  • To advance the education of the public in ecology, environmental studies, resource conservation and natural history.
  • To promote the conservation, protection and restoration for the public benefit of the natural resources, natural beauty and animal and plant life of Richmond upon Thames and the world, and the lands and buildings of historic interest or of ecological or scientific importance.

River User Group - RUG Tidal

The River User Groups (RUGs) were setup to provide a forum to discuss and resolve issues affecting river activities. The meetings are a stimulating forum for discussion, clarification and resolution of difficulties.


In an ever increasingly competitive environment, innovation is a world where it plays to be inventive, because any innovation could be the difference between the best and the rest. We promote innovation which supports - Social, environmental and economic well-being.

Personal and Professional Performance Workshops

This is a living philosophy based on recognising the unseen forces which operate within your daily life; which affect you, your surroundings, career and relationships. Learning about your life brings understanding and provides the means to the best ends.