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The RTVC opens between the last week of March and end of October. It is FREE to enter and we are always grateful for any donations to help with our work.



The RTVC is the only river centre on the Thames which is open to the public, where you can obtain information about the Thames, its environment, the organisations, events, culture, its economy, recreation and maybe become a member and have access to getting on the river and receiving discounts at events and enjoying the facilities for memebrs.

The RTVC is manned by qualified environmental experts and when these are not available, you will still be able to to obtain information from volunteers, or staff. The centre is designed as a waterside destination which can provide formal information within its exhibition and literature, or informally with just a visit to the river.

Visitors can come aboard free-of-charge and if you join we will be able to keep you informed on a whole range of events and organisations.

There is food and drink on-board for those who just want to "mess about on the river" and enjoy the great outdoors.


Explore Historic Richmond

A day-trip to Richmond is full of historic landmarks, inspiring architecture and family fun including The Richmond Museum, Richmond Theatre, The Poppy Factory and close by Richmond Park and Kew Gardens and don't forget the wonderful shops and restaurants.