2017 events


  • Richmond Cycling Show                   - 23rd August to 28th August
  • Health & Wellbeing Week                  - 30th August to 3rd September


  • Great River Race Week                     - 6th September to 10th September
  • Thames Festival                                 10th September to 30th September




To date the RTVC have hosted 3 AGM's by the Richmond Environmental Information Centre, 20 events by the RTVC committee and our usual open day for the Great River Race each year, as well as being open to the public 7 days a week for environmental information. The River User Group has had 15 meetings and UK Genius has had 4 meetings. We have also maintained an impressive manning of the RTVC; 75 out of 96 weekends by volunteers answering visitor queries (75%) over that period and 100% open for general enquires, at no cost to the Council. It would be great to have more local services provided this way to reduce what is the highest Council Tax in London; more services at less cost.

Since April 2013 there have been 17 meetings of the RTVC committee and an assortment of meetings by other groups. Over 450 new memebrs have joined the RTVC and a new caterer has been appointed to provide ancillary catering as secondary to membership. 

Community work is increasing and in line with the Government Inspector's statement that "this is a use for the benefit of the general public".