In 1993 the River Thames Visitor Centre was a new idea, conceived, developed and presented to all the major statutory bodies. The River Thames Visitor Centre is the original and the conceptual lead for providing Environmental Information about the River Thames. It is a permanent River Resource Centre and an Advisory point for those wishing to enjoy the River Thames.    

                                              From imagination to pencil in 1997


However after completing six years from 1993 to 1999 of work on the Barge, it would not be long before the RTVC would open. An existing river mooring was chosen which had been in commercial use for over 100 years which had last been in use for a floating office, for a boat hire business for 30 years. The RTVC was granted planning consent in 2001 for an exhibition and information centre with any food and drink as an ancillary use for the public. All organisations and local residents felt the idea was great, encouraging mixed uses of existing river moorings and it is supported by the London Plan,


                                                        From pencil to reality in 2005