Projects 2022

As well as new projects planned by the River User Group (RUG), UKgenius, the RTVC has a number of on-going projects it hopes to conclude by the end of the 2014 summer season:


RTVC Projects

  • Twickenham Riverside "A Seaport in Miniature" - Waterside Town Square
  • Brentford - Waterway Town
  • Power to the RTVC - An alternative energy project
  • Richmond Water sports - Activities centre
  • A series of lectures/debates on our environmental future
  • Rural Richmond
  • Have brand new exhibitions
  • More projects to follow
  • And some great events

(These links will be active soon)


RUG Tidal Projects

  • The principal activity this year will be to complete the Thames Regeneration Survey
  • Produce Thames Policy Area Appraisals
  • Liaise with the Port and London and Environment Agency


We will be making other anouncements soon, but we are also hoping for major things from UKgenius.